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Prodding Stick Kit

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  • R 1,500.00

Prodding Stick Kit

The precision tool to find and mark hotspots for the boating carper.

The Prodding Stick Kit gives you an insight into the underwater world that isn’t possible just using your eyes or a marker rod.

A three section pole totalling almost 4.5 metres with a screw in probe or bottom spike you can feel, mark and even inspect samples from the lake bed to help pin point feeding spots. The round ended probe helps accurately locate weed, gravel, silt, clay and sand, the spike allows the Prodding Kit to be pushed firmly into the bottom as a marker.

The bottom section of the pole has drilled holes to reduce water pressure moving it around, and is threaded to allow quick changes from probe to spike. The plain centre pole can be extended with additional sections for deep water, and the top section has a hi-viz orange foam marker top, allowing your spots to be seen from long distances from the bank or boat. Getting your rigs and free offerings on the right spots has never been so accurate.